You or your child will be offered the opportunity to participate in:

Professional examinations
with the major dance organisations. Encouraging children to gain recognised qualifications, work to improve technique and achieve an understanding of dance theory and practice.

School productions

The annual show is the highlight of our calender. Every student is given the chance to shine and have fun in a professional environment.

Blackpool Opera House
We are extremely proud of our annual invitation to perform on the stage at Blackpool Opera House as part of ‘Hits from Lancashire.’


We are honoured to work alongside many seasoned professionals and students are encouraged to work with companies such as at New Years Eve at Lancaster Brewery and the Promenade Orchestra, who they have performed with on numerous occasions.

Agency Links and Auditions.

We are pleased to have established links with many entertainment managers, agents and companies, who work to educate our students and filter out job prospects within the industry. The school also has it’s own casting department and acts as agents for pupils who wish to develop their potential on the professional circuit.

Festivals and Competitions

Held both locally and regionally, Festivals are a unique way of building confidence and a sense of achievement.
We are also here to encourage talent in all formats and have been successful in producing winners in the local press talent searches and in Britain’s Got Talent.

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